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We are not claiming that anything contained within this Site is proof that the paranormal exists - that's for each individual to decide.

Location (although we do often stray outside of this area for paranormal investigations).
Thanet is situated in the UK and lies on the eastern-tip of the County of Kent, an area known for its past association with smugglers and smuggling.
The nearest city is Canterbury and the nearest major seaport is Dover.
Thanet consists of the main seaside towns of Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Birchington and Westgate-on-Sea. Other, smaller, communities include: Cliffsend, Cliftonville, Kingsgate, Manston, Minster, Monkton, St. Nicholas, North Foreland, St. Peter's and Acol.
Thanet's full title is "The Isle of Thanet" as it was originally separated from mainland Kent by the long-since silted-up Wantsum Channel whose coastal estuaries were once guarded by the Roman Forts at Reculver (near Birchington) and Richborough (near Sandwich).

As well as paranormal investigations, our paranormal group research includes: ultrasonics and infra-sound (infrasound), parapsychology, EMF (electro-magnetic field), EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) and Residual Hauntings which some investigators refer to as "The Stone Tape Theory".
This theory states that past events have been imprinted in the fabric of a building or the environment, akin to recording something on video, and under certain conditions these events are replayed giving rise to "ghostly" images which are often misinterpreted as actual spirit manifestations.
We also have two researchers looking into the history of Thanet and its buildings - past and present.

Does a ghost, spirit, presence, poltergeist or elemental actually exist?
Are buildings haunted or are the buildings, themselves, the source of "hauntings"?
Do all paranormal and supernatural events have psychological explanations?
The definitive answers to these questions and others, be you a believer or sceptic, will probably never be known.

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